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 No Puppies Available At This Time


Yorkshire Terrier Puppies are not Available now, but you can check out the NEW Yorkshire Terrier Gallery where you'll fine the newest pictures of  pups and lots of them.  It takes awhile for them to load but you'll appreciate the end result.

Available Individual Yorkshire Terrier pups are normally shown on the available page along with prices for your consideration.  You can however reserve your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Preference Now.

The first step is to fill out the questionnaireAnyone who has previously purchased a yorkie pup receives a $50. discount on the next pup.

All of my animals are from Champion Yorkshire Terrier lineage, are AKC registered, and DNA and bile acid tested.  This allows me to offer one of the best health guarantees in the business.  My vets and my clients offer their recommendations and this is one of the reasons why.

My Yorkshire Terriers cost me sometimes 4 times what I charge my customers because I believe in healthy, top of the line, good tempered, type yorkies to breed. ALL of  my Yorkshire Terriers come with a health guarantee which is one of the best in the business.  I stand behind each and every yorkie I breed .  No deposits are accepted without a questionnaire first being accepted  We do NOT sell to just anyone.  We sell with a spay/neuter contract except for our show prospect pups.  Young Yorkie puppies normally mature at about 4 - 5 pounds.

Young Yorkies Newest Stud "Beau"

I am now here at home with the yorkies on a full time basis! It's nice being in country now with them where they can run and play.

Please feel free to email me, this is usually the best way to contact me, but you may catch me indoors at times too. My phone number is 828-656-2184.
Please notice the new "Judging Yorkies" section as it contains some exceptional information written by Carolyn Hensley.  This breakdown will make it easier for all to understand the Yorkshire Terrier standard outlined by AKC. I thank Carolyn for giving me permission to reprint.
Attention:  In addition to the sorry breeders which I hear about at least once a week; people are getting sick dogs etc.  I still hear stories about the breeder mentioned below.  The newest ploy over the internet seems to be people stealing photos from other breeders.  I got a letter from a lady the other day telling me that someone had stolen my photos and had them posted on backpage.com  This individual was asked to wire money to this "breeder" for a puppy.  Then the breeder needed an additional 800. for shipping once he got to the airport. It never cost 800. to ship a puppy.  It seems the address was even fake on this person.  Wiring money is not a good practice. 
There are also breeders who claim they have contracts to show when they actually do not.  The  only contract they had with me was with the first pup.  She does not bear their name so they did not want her shown.  She has congenital problems they fail to acknowledge or even speak to me about.   Same breeders sold to me a yorkie whose leg had been broken because she fell off a "cracker box". hmmm and tried to sell me a young adult with grade 3 luxating patella's.  When I told they took her back but made me pay the shipping back to them.  They had to know about this problem... grade 3. An animal has to undergo an exam before they are shipped.  Not only that, these are big time show people, they know all about this sort of thing. Then they choose to slam me on their webpage.  I didn't know they had until another client that they had taken advantage of called and told me.  This client is someone I have never met in my life.  Buyer beware.  I thought long and hard before posting this and I do this not to sling mud.  I do this because I feel I have a responsibility to inform you the buyer of things that can happen when breeders don't stand behind their puppies.  Should you be charged for their blunders?
Regarding the Canadian Yorkshire Terrier breeder, I have gotten  letters from other buyers who had the similar problems with them over the past months - now years.  I ended getting a partial refund  after my 7 week ordeal but they were not as fortunate.  Some breeders will even go so far as to reopen under their spouse names after being shut down  by the health department.   Do your homework folks, ask the questions first, get the answers, see the pedigrees, get the information, read the contract, inspect the health guarantee.  You may even wish to speak with others who have purchased from the breeder.

Here are some important things to remember when buying a puppy from any breeder. Kennels / Breeders should not keep your deposit and change the terms of an agreement to suit their needs. The agreement should be given up front, you should not have to beg and plead for it. Lineage and pedigree should be available for inspection and not hidden like it's something to be ashamed of.

Whenever you buy a puppy, (Yorkshire Terrier or otherwise) make sure you can get information about whom you are buying from, address, phone number and the like. Questions are your best weapon, they should ask you a lot and you should do the same.

You want to know about your Yorkshire Terrier and they want to know you are giving him a good home. They should not be in hurry to push puppies out of their home for any reason. Six to ten week old puppies belong with their mothers.

Your Yorkshire Terrier breeder should be open and up front, kind and good natured. After all this is who has been raising and socializing the new member of your family. If they do not possess these characteristics, you need to find a more reputable breeder because this is NOT the breeder you want handling your new yorkie.

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As of 10/16/04
all Young Yorkie puppies are sold with microchips
  This is our way of saying "We care about our Yorkies and our customers. 

TIONAY, is officially in my opinion of course the most gorgeous female in my kennel.  Sheba is promising to be close second.  They are both from Impressive lines.  Their ancestors have been  featured Champion on  the  covers of The Yorkshire Terrier magazine. 

She is adorable, has a wonderful coat, great disposition, quite the charmer.


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