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Are you willing to spend 20 minutes each day teaching your pup "tricks" or some type of obedience training (understand that this will build a bond between you and your pup that can make a difference in his life and yours)?    

Are you willing to spend the time needed to housebreak your pup?     It is this lack of housebreaking that causes many to abandon their pup to a shelter    

Please list other dogs/animals in the home

What personality trait will fit into your family lifestyle? (Active: best for working owners, traveling, and households with kids. Sensitive and quiet: best for lap lovers, stay at home owners, and adult households) please briefly explain your lifestyle. (This info helps match puppies to parents)

Will pup need to be shipped?   (if so, 2 or 3 closest airports)

I understand that I am being sold this Yorkie with limited AKC registration. To help enforce this I understand that AKC papers will not be provided until I provide proof that my puppy has been spayed or neutered. No offspring of my new pet will be eligible for registration.

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Please understand that Yorkies, especially very small Yorkies take a lot of time, and care. They must have food available at all times, and must eat to prevent hypoglycemia, (low blood sugar). Nutri-cal must be available for bouts of hypoglycemia, due to stress or over-activity. They can choke easily due to their small size. Yorkies can be hard to potty train, if you aren't consistent. Yorkies should be brushed at least every other day, and their teeth need to be cleaned regularly. Yorkies need to be an indoor dog. They are very family oriented, and must have lots of attention. They do not do well left alone for long periods of time. Yorkies, especially very small ones, have very fragile bones and must be watched around kids, visitors, and larger animals.

I ask for a $500.00 refundable deposit to guarantee a puppy. This deposit remains refundable until the puppy originally reserved reaches 6 weeks of age. When your puppy reaches 6 weeks, we will email you a picture, current weight and an educated guess of adult weight. You may at this time decide to move your deposit to reserve a puppy from another litter , but your deposit remains non-refundable. If you decide to take that baby, we ask that the balance be paid for in full as well as any shipping charges that may apply. Shipping charges range from $250.00 to 350.00 depending on the best/available schedule and the airline used.

At this time your money is committed and that puppy is yours. If you should decide you do not wish to accept that puppy after this time, you will be charged a 200. fee to defray advertising and other associated cost but you may still move the remaining amount to another litter. I would like your word that when you pick up your puppy at the airport, you will notify me.  Notify me as soon as you get home either my phone or email that all is well as I will be worried sick. These pups are like my children and you will soon see how easy it is to love these lil sweethearts. I would also like a picture of you and the new pup for our webpage.

Now, let me tell you that they will also be the love of your life! They are smart, loving, personable, and a member of the family. They will find a place in your heart that no other animal has in the past! Their personality will charm even the non-dog person.

Puppies come with written health guarantee, vet checks, shots, and pedigrees. See my site for reference .

Thank you for considering a Young Yorkshire Terrier!