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Why get a Yorkie?

1.  We are not yippy or yappy.

2.  We are not destructive, not chewers etc.

3.  We do not shed, we are almost hypoallergenic.

4.  We are sweet lap sitters but have that feisty terrier attitude and we aren't wimps...we think we're 10 feet tall and bullet proof.

5.  We fit in your purse so you can take us everywhere.

6.  We are smart and trainable.

7.  We change colors like the trees in fall - we go black and gold to blue and gold and then almost a blonde in our old age.

8.  We usually live 15 years or so.

9.  We walk like royalty, we prance and bounce.

10.  We will become your best friend...once you go Yorkie you will never go back.



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