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Do you have a site that would be interesting to Pet Lovers?  If so, let's do a link exchange.  First place my link on your page by choosing a banner or plain text link from below.  Make sure it's linked back to http://www.yorkiebaby.com.

Then email me your link, your email and where you have a link to my site and we'll do an exchange.  Exchanging links will help search engine result rankings!

Save image as YoungYorkBanner.gif then use the following code

<a href="http://www.yorkiebaby.com"><img src="YoungYorkBanner.gif"></a>

Or Just Plain Text

<a href="http://www.yorkiebaby.com"> Visit Young Yorkies - Loving Responsible Breeders of Yorkshire Terriers</a>

Most links have moved to the

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Prevent suicide now. Com is one of the largest suicide prevention and awareness websites on the internet. It is a very comprehensive site that is constantly being updated and includes numerous articles, hotlines, and a myriad of other resources.




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