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 Before You Go to the Vet Do Some Research

I've learned a lot from various sources about intubation especially a book that I have listed on the Great books page of this website.  Yorkies (and other small dogs) have very small tracheas which can be damaged by using a tube too large to intubate your puppy.  This is also the reason that I recommend a harness as opposed to a collar, but I digress.  You want to make sure that the vet does the intubating and not the tech.  What I recommend (and I've done this myself) is to specify on the waiver that you must sign before the surgery can be performed that you want the smallest possible tube if they must be and intubated  and you consider Isoflurane as the anesthesia of choice.   You should also stipulate that Halothane or any of barbiturates are not to be used on your yorkie under any circumstances.  My vet thought I was crazy at first but he soon understood that I just had my baby's best interest at heart.  

Many vets insist on keeping your baby overnight but I always ask two things
1.  Is someone going to be through the night to watch over him?
2.  If someone is not there, I know that my baby will constant supervision when he is with me.  Can I care for him myself?

If you have any question please email me and if I cannot answer them I'm sure I know someone who can.

You should clean your yorkies teeth at least once a week.

Have a vet clean them thoroughly at least once a year.  Inquire as to the method he will use as hand cleaning is preferable.

People food is not the best thing for your Yorkie, especially those sugary snacks that many of us love!

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