Yorkshire Terrier
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By Prescription Only

Allopurinol   -    RX for Gout
Amoxicillin       Prescription antibiotic.
Digoxin   -        0.125mg tablets Prescription heart medication
Furosemide    -  (generic Lasix) Prescription diuretic
Florinef   -    Prescription adrenal corticosteroid medication
Gentamicin Opthalmic Solution
- Antibiotic for eyes
Hydroxizine tablets
  -  Prescription medicine used to prevent itch
Inceptor - Monthly Prescription heartworm preventative  & control of whip, hook and roundworms
Lysodren 500mg  - Prescription medicine used to treat cancer
Pilocarpine 2% opthalmic Solution
Prescription medicine used to treat glaucoma
Revolution  -  Monthly heartworm preventative, treats hook & roundworm, prevents and controls fleas
Rimadyl Tablets  -  Prescription arthritis medication used to help manage pain and inflammation.
Selegiline (generic Eldepryl)  - used in combination with levodopa and/or carbidopa to treat Parkinson's
Sentinel  -  Prescription medicine used to prevent heartworm and control fleas.
Tapazole 5mg  -  Used to treat hyperthyroidism.

Over the Counter Medications

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