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The Yorkie Topknot - almost as easy as it is adorable

I always wondered how the show Yorkies always had that beautiful topknot until I bought a few books and a great video (I'll tell you more about it later) that demonstrates how very easy it is to create this regal look.  It does take some practice and the right tools but be patient and tenacious and you can achieve great results. 

Here is a little primer on how it's done.  I hope to add pictures soon to make this even easier to do!  I will attempt to explain a topknot and then on another page a little lesson on creating your own bows and avoid the outrageous cost you see for them at shows or even on the net.
  1. Make sure your babies hair is completely dry and use a parting comb (there are some nice ones with rotating teeth that are teflon coated), part the hair that lies above and between your Yorkies eyes, beginning corner of eye to tip of the front of the ear.  This will form a little  inverted "V".  Now put that up in a band (buy the ones rosin coated so they do not hurt the hair, they resemble bands used for braces). 
  2.  Make a "half-moon" part for the back section.  Coming forward, band, and  anchor it, using only a few hairs from the front part of the section.
  3. Take a few hairs near the middle of this section, and pull them straight up.  This is what will anchor the front part to the top skull and will also create a pretty poof. Twist the band one more time after this step to set the top knot firmly in place, but this is optional.
  4. You want to put your bow on the first section. Join the two sections together with another band or two (depending upon the hair length). Place these above the first two and behind the bow.
    Take the comb and spray the back with hair spray then rub it as though you were combing it but you just want to get the hair spray on the hair  not comb it.  This should help prevent flyaways
 If your pets eyes look slanted you may have the knot too tight so you may need to loosen it up.
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